How It Works



Don’t worry about this piece of the process…this is not therapy. From the information you give to me and the assessments you take, I can guide your self-understanding regarding the world of work. Together we analyze your interests, values, motivations, aspects of your personality, and skills to figure out the kind of work you want too be doing, the environment in which you want to be doing it and with whom you want to work. Importantly, all information I collect and we discuss is confidential. 

So many assessments…so little time! That is why the formal assessments I use are based on strong science, that is, they are statistically reliable and valid.  They are non-judgmental, fun, and very informative. More information about the career assessments can be found here

Small group workshops provide opportunities to explore with others such topics as:
  • the changing world of work
  • leadership styles
  • entrepreneurship
  • freelancing
  • career decision-making styles
  • internships and externships
  • networking strategies and
  • re-entering the workforce
Workshops are also excellent venues to practice interviewing skills and develop personal networks for job searching. 
Workshops are available by request only. If you are interested in scheduling a group workshop, please contact me to discuss details.

Individual Counseling

Free Initial Consultation

Your needs are unique, so it is important to discuss your goals and set up a counseling plan based on your timetable and budget.
​I charge only for the services you need. 
I am mobile, so I can come to you!  Please note that free consultations are only available in the San Diego region.